Dynamic, effective Global Sourcing Expert who brings a balance of creativity and determination to your hiring process


Hunting and searching is in my DNA!

My background in the Intelligence Force, my profession as an Information Professional (15 years), living internationally and my credentials (certifications) and proven experience in Internet Recruiting make me different from most sourcers/recruiters, who mostly have recruitment backgrounds or no training at all.

I routinely attend international SOURCING conferences and SOURCING webinars on new practices in global recruiting, stay up to date with all the new search tools, as well as spend time on reviewing the future tools.
Using LinkedIn only has NO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE with the search. Everyone is doing it!
Owner of  “the Art of Sourcing” group (Hebrew) group on FB.

I love to share my sourcing experience and my point of view on our industry wherever I can  – I am very active on several International Sourcing groups on the internet, I write on Pulse, SourceCon and I am happy to lecture whenever I am invited to do so.
(Upcoming lectures – Israel HRD, 31 May 2016, #SOSU Europe 27-29 September 2016).

I am a gadget and innovation freak and I love to explore new tools and assess how effective and life changing they may be on my work and then share my insights with the community.

I am passionate about delivering candidates that will fit the corporate culture to ensure a ‘best fit’ hire. I want people to succeed! I’ve lived and know the tech/start-up mindset and which type of candidates will succeed in this environment.
I recruit for different types of roles in different industries  within the high tech industry- From core development, technical roles in innovative technologies (Big Data etc) for sales and marketing C level positions. Companies and startups in Israel and the Silicon Valley such as Allot communications, Borderfree, Fire Layers, SupportSpace, Forter, Blazemeter, Vmware, William Hill, Bizzaboo, Juno, Starhome, Sizer and many more.

Please contact me if you’re seeking a

  1.  PASSIONATE, CREATIVE, SKILLED and GUTSY GLOBAL Sourcer who will bring you more great candidates when you thought you’ve exhausted all your resources.
  2.  Consultant on building your sourcing infrastructure in your organization.
  3.  Lecturer on passionate, non-mainstream sourcing.

Feel free to befriend me on any of the social networks, or write to me directly at Karen@everythingsourcing.com OR call directly to: +972-(54)-5791865 OR +1-(650) 741-1349. I am connected 24/7 and will answer promptly…(Pls take into consideration times zones..I do sleep every now and then..)