I canceled my Linkedin Subscription!!

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I decided to “put my money where my mouth is” and go for it. I CANCELLED MY PREMIUM LINKEDIN ACCOUNT.

I tell everyone that sourcing without Linkedin is do-able – Let’s check if I’m talking nonsense or is this really do-able. I have access to advanced tools like Hiretual AI-Sourcing and AmazingHiring, Hiringsolved, Social-list and more. I believe that these advanced tools + xray search, should be enough.
The logic – Why pay loads of money for 1 tool and 1 source when I can pay the same amount of money more or less for 1 tool that can search many other sources AMONG THEM Linkedin. We all know that not everyone can be found on Linkedin, we also know that there are far more niche-oriented websites where we can find professionals – So what’s the logic to use LinkedIn only? The answer is? THERE ISN’T ONE.

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing my experiences with you on what it feels like to be a sourcer without a paid Linkedin account. You and I are going on a trip together!!

I won’t lie…Clicking on “Cancel your subscription” wasn’t easy….I took a deep breath and DID IT!

So the first thing Linkedin does is to scare the hell out of you…

1.     “You’ll lose all data stored in your Sales Navigator account and access to premium features”
2.     59 InMail credits
3.     Messages you’ve sent and received
4.     Saved leads and accounts
5.     Access to Premium features including Who’s Viewed Your Profile, Unlimited Search and Extended Network Visibility
6.     Plus, you’ll miss real-time insights on saved leads and accounts

I wasn’t aware I won’t be able to see “who viewed my profile” I like this feature…Let’s see if I will survive without it…

With a pounding heart, I went on to cancel the subscription… Now Linkedin wants to know WHY I am canceling…
They suggest all kinds of potential reasons. I chose – “It is too expensive”*.

The little Astrix offered an explanation that “many employers find Linkedin so valuable that they will or just may pay for my membership”…So they offered a copy of my purchase history so that I can use it to file an expense report. Linkedin will try to be very nice and helpful now that they see you are on your way out…They also offered immediate help with their support team… (perhaps that’s the place to go to when you are not getting answers to your support requests to them…)

I stayed on course and clicked on “Cancel subscription”. I’m now Linkedin-less…

The message “you can re-activate your account by the 7th of Dec (the end of my billing cycle) soothed my somewhat anxious heart….I won’t lie…
Within a nano-second, I received an email from Linkedin. They are sad to see me go. And a sad smiley too ☹.

After cancellation, they say, I will still have a Linkedin account with continued access to my Linkedin profile.
For the last time, they asked me if I perhaps changed my mind..And a “Keep Sales Navigator” icon to click on in case I need my Linkedin hubby back.

I can’t say they tried their damnest to keep me there.…No treats nor candies in the shape of discounts to stay…No phone call. Nada.

More to come!

Karen Azulai is a Global Sourcer and a Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HRTech Nation (website in construction).

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