Fascinating new HR titles…What do they mean?

While sourcing today for a “People Evangelist” – Experience in HR/Company Wellness & Culture/Office Administrator  – for a great startup in Mountain View (don’t hesitate to recommend anyone!), I stumbled into a plethora of amazing new titles, of which I am bringing several here (this trend is also happening in Europe).

There is no doubt they indicate a shift in perception as to how to deal with the companies’ most prized possession – their employees. The shortage of skillful talent as well as the upsurge of sourcing and “employee snatching” from one company to another, make EMPLOYEE RETENTION (and branding) the next hot topic and a cause of severe worry for the executives of any company.
As a global sourcer, this also creates a challenge as, soon, we will no longer be able to look for passive candidates by title…

Some of the titles I stumbled into:
Head of Employee Experience
Chief People Officer
Grand Master of Happiness
Head of People
People Evangelist
Head of Talent and Happiness
The Happiness Inspirer
Chief of Happiness
Wellness Manager
Happiness Engineer
People services
Vice President, Growth, Strategy, and Happiness
Head Talent Builder
Director of First Impressions

And I liked the choice of words to describe one HR person’s role:
“.. Serve as the company HOSTESS throughout the interview process to ensure each candidate has a hallmark interview experience”
This is a far cry from what we have been used to till now. Actually makes me want to come over for tea or coffee and some muffins while contemplating a career move!

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