If you think sourcing is all about LinkedIn, you have it all wrong!
It can take a dozen of searches on LinkedIn and you still won’t see all the potential relevant profiles.
And remember – EVERYONE out there is performing the same searches you are – From all over the world!

My experience as a Research and “Competitive Intelligence” Professional enables me to reach and engage with candidates that don’t get approached to all the time because they don’t come up in search results that often (they try to hide..).
I implement a myriad of methods and new tools and technologies (for a fee as well as free tools ) to make my searches more effective and mostly, to reach those candidates that not everyone approaches, as I like to be creative in my search and not necessarily choose the obvious candidate for the role.
As I speak several languages (Hebrew, English, Spanish and French) I am able to tap into a wider variety of sources.

In the past several years I’ve sourced for a wide range of roles within the high tech industry such as : Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Sales Engineers, Customer Success Managers, Resident Engineers, Sales Managers and Country Managers and executive roles such as VP Finances, CRO, VP Product, VP Marketing, VP R&D and many more.
I believe sourcing shines its true colors when used for complex roles. At this time I do not source for mass related roles.

I am very flexible as to what you would want to hire me for:
1. Search and Deliver relevant profiles only
2. Search and Deliver relevant profiles + Outreach & engage – First phone interviews to determine compatibility
3. Search and deliver relevant profiles + Outreach & engage – First interview + Setting interviews within the company and following up on the process
4. Build pipelines for high-risk roles in the company.
5. As I am independent and not affiliated with your company – You can use me to source for discrete, under the radar roles.
6. Consult on how to build your sourcing infrastructure in your organization.
7. Lecture and train on various topics related to innovative sourcing.
8. Advanced Sourcing workshops.

1. Meet with the relevant professionals for an intake meeting (can be over the phone) to review the job description and receive additional information.
2. I then spend some time on building my search string and planning my strategy
3. Managers determine if they want to review the list before reaching out to them, or they want me to only deliver candidates that I already interviewed and approved.
4. I contact the potential candidates and interview those who express initial interest (if the client expresses their wish that I would do so).
5. Submit profile OR CV + Summary of the interview for the manager’s perusal.

Compensation models:
Most of the time, there will be NO MINIMUM hours per project and you have total control over the hours you want to spend on a search.
Retainer – We can agree on a monthly retainer – In such case, there will NOT BE A SUCCESS FEE.
Hourly fee /Success fee – I get paid by the hour. In case there’s a success in recruiting someone, then I get a success fee, minus hours paid till then. You don’t pay both. However, if the search is stopped for any reason – I get paid for the hours.

Hourly and success fees may vary according to the region and seniority.
I work directly with CEOs, VPs, Professional hiring managers or recruiting managers.

I cannot guarantee outcomes – IE – Number of candidates as I am reaching out to “Passive Candidates” – IE people that are currently working.
I am extremely transparent with my work and share my documents on a daily/weekly basis, as well as conduct sync/update meetings.