Unconventional Sourcing Methods coming through! Make way!

Heads up people, something different is going on in our sourcing world!
The shortage of talent pool calls for creative ways to widen the talent pool.
Two weeks ago I mentioned I was going to harness CrystalKnows to find potentially suitable candidates by no longer searching for experience and skills, rather for character traits that will indicate this person may be suitable for the role (Within the industry).
To expand a little bit about that: I was searching for a Field Marketing Manager for a very well global company. It’s a very difficult task as they are based in a remote area, relevant candidate pool is scarce. Without using big data to support my assumption (…) those people who perform marketing roles are mostly outgoing, first class communicators, team players with a tendency to be data driven. My task was to find super professional TECHNICAL people with no apparent marketing experience, but, according to Crystal Knows, possess those personal traits. Those people, as we know, ARE the VERITABLE purple squirrels, unicorns, name it what you wish…As CrystalKnows still does not enable access to big data, I have to do a lot of legwork…I’m  still working on that.

My post generated some sarcastic remarks, but I am used to it as I always talk about things that are not mainstream until they do, sooner than later..become exactly that 🙂

I was happy to learn about Bryan Chaney‘s SourceCon session “Weird Science: Turning Talent Attraction Into Sourcing Success” – Where he described a successful sourcing adventure using Facebook Advertising. They were able to close a role that’s been open for 60 days within one week, not only by targeting the usual and expected variants like current employer and previous one but also by their follows/interests and likes (such as liking a company or even liking Lady Gaga or TV series) on Facebook. Facebook enables employers access to big data about prospective candidates. Lucky for them!

Yes, I know the two examples are not the same – Bryan was using scientific Big Data and CrystalKnows is still “frowned upon” (Although I am sure big data will be part of it soon as well)…
My point is – We have to think out of the box to tap into talent pools that we did not think about before. Start strategizing your searches in 3 tracks – Traditional, data-based and creative sourcing techniques and find those “unlikely” candidates to fill in your roles, in a quicker timeframe.

(I’m speaking on how to avoid sourcing failures at the international, Pan-European Sourcing Conference SOSU in Amsterdam 27-29 Septemeber!  Come by to say hello!!)

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