Update on how’s life without a paid Linkedin account.

It’s been a week since I cancelled my Linkedin account. I know many people are waiting to hear how this is going – and I will not keep you in suspense – It’s GOING GREAT.

The only thing that’s somewhat hard to let go of is – “Who viewed my profile” feature.
I can still see the top three and I can still see the number of people who viewed my profile. I no longer know who they are.

I have less filters to search with. I am not worried about it as I am using Hiretual and/or AmazingHiring and/or HiringSolved and/or Sociallist and of course, I always have xray for free 😊

My connections stayed intact and are my own, I can still export them.
I can still search within my 1st connections’ connections.

Another thing I had to deal with when closing my account were the two historic sourcing groups I lead in Linkedin. They asked me to transfer the admin to someone else or close each one separately. If you are leading an active group on Linkedin know that you cannot be the owner any more. That may be an issue for some.

In the process of leaving, I stumbled into the list of apps I have given approval to access my Linkedin profile. I cleaned up quite a few of them and I suggest you do the same.

In the past week I’ve had several people tell me they will not leave Linkedin as LI stepped up their quality of results and they no longer feel the need to quest outside of Linkedin.

REAL SOURCING can NEVER go hand in hand with recruiting or researching ONE SOURCE. Don’t call this sourcing. Call it what it is -You are recruiting from Linkedin. Anyone can do this.

There’s a whole world out there of social networks where you can find more people and learn about them. LI is not tapping into that (yet?) That’s a HUGE no no to me.

You can manage sourcing without advanced tools and without paying a dime. But you won’t be efficient.

We have some advanced sourcing tools out there. Try them. Use them. They not only tap into Linkedin they tap into dozens of other sources. I know I sound like I am trying to sell you something? I am not. I’ve been using the advanced ones since their first days in the market. I genuinely believe that is the way to effectively source.

To those of you using Linkedin Recruiter – I will say here – It’s great! Did I just say that?…Yes I did! Really is. The full version of Linkedin recruiter offers a myriad of options: projects, managing your jobs, reports, campaigns, engagement, great features, filters and some insights. Some of them already embedded in advanced sourcing tools, some not and vice versa – Tools hv features LI recruiter doesn’t have.

To those of you using the premium/Business/Recruiter Lite versions – It’s a no brainer. You are limited by the results you see, either by network or by the plan you are paying for.

I am writing to those people who know and understand that relying on one source IS NOT ENOUGH.
You understand you don’t have access to the full pool of potential candidates.
You understand you are playing in the same sandbox as everyone else.
You understand that all these amazing features cannot hide the biggest caveat  of all – This is only ONE SOURCE and not everyone is on it.
You understand it makes more sense to pay tools that search other sources, Linkedin is only one of them.

I hope I have given you something to think about?…

Karen Azulai  – Global Sourcer | Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder at HRTech NationIMG_0883


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