When did we become so insensitive?

Two weeks ago, I, like many of you, was approached by a Sourcer/HH, who suggested I consider a new opportunity. A new role. I’ve received such requests in the past but not one of them was in any way as challenging and as exciting as this one.

It made me pause and think it over – I am a freelancer, my own boss, extremely content and happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. Why should I contemplate becoming an employee again? Why am I even thinking about this? I surprised myself…This move was definitely not on my “road map”.
I made a few calls, consulted with some friends, researched the company online. I continued to think and toss the idea back and forth in my mind. I did not get back to her with an answer because I didn’t know what the hell to do with this idea she planted in my mind. I was sure (and still am) that I am living my dream job! Can it be there is something else that is as fulfilling and exciting?
After a few days, she wrote again asking to know where I stand with that role. I shared my thoughts with her and told her I needed a few more days. I also asked about the salary, hoping that would make it easier to say no. Alas, that was not the case…

After several more days, I decided the challenge was too big for me to pass on and decided to, at least, start the interview process and see if it’s right for me and for the company.

What goes on from here, is really not important. What is important is that I got to walk in my candidate’s shoes and I got to FEEL how it is on “the other side”.

In our sourcing/recruiting/HH industry, we are full of axioms, tips and tricks on how to get your candidate to engage quickly. We also learn that if they didn’t answer within 24 hours, we are probably doomed. Others think that following up is the best thing to do, “at least 4 times” (as one slide claimed), “Call them if you don’t hear from them” others say. Now that I’ve been there? I can say –


Yes, you have to recruit 6 employees by the end of next month, yes, your boss is measuring, collecting and reviewing data on how effective you are, how many you approached and what was the return rate. Percentages, numbers on a board, excels.

Companies that hire my services ask me how many candidates can I provide and in what time frame…Again numbers and more numbers.

We mostly interview quickly (generalizing here), checking skills sets, other facts on their resumes. But before we sit down to interview ( Via phone, skype or f2f) do we take a deep breath and really try to know the person in front of us? What their wishes and likes are? Do we really enable a stress-free, non-judgmental environment where they can check out this new role that we presented to them (and they did not ask for?)

We chose to work in an industry that deals with PEOPLE and their LIVES – HUMAN RESOURCES.

Let’s be HUMANISTIC on how we source, on how we approach, on the time we give them to PROCESS our offers. Being empathic and respectable can exist side by side to being effective and goal oriented. They are not one instead of the other, they are both a 100% stand-alone.
We can definitely help them reach a decision, but let’s do it in a respectable manner, acknowledging their difficulty to decide. It’s about THEM. Let’s not forget that.
It’s also ok for them to ask about the salary – It’s their prerogative. It doesn’t make them greedy and all about the money, it’s only one other component in their decision making process, a process they were not asking for. Understand that.

This experience has changed me as a Sourcer reaching out to potential candidates and it is clear to me that my outreach emails and my whole professional demeanor will express this new found wisdom.

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